About Us

Rising Stars Homework Club has supported students in Wissahickon School District, a suburb of Philadelphia, since 2015. The original purpose of the club was to help push elementary-aged students to reach their potential by helping them to love learning. Led activities and programs encouraging the formation of important educational habits from a young age.

Our goal at Rising Stars Homework Club which Ambler Borough Hall has allowed us to use free of charge is to help close the achievement gap by exposing younger children to a wide range of learning activities, to help them form bonds with many community volunteers and to make learning fun. We provide consistent love and support through a daily structured program involving homework support, reading time, computer activities and positive socialization activities each day.

WSD staff from both Shady Grove and Lower Gwynedd elementary schools have reported improvements in self-esteem and ability to work with classmates. Students have made improvements in fine motor skills like handwriting, better reading fluency and comprehension, and willingness to participate in classroom activities in a productive way.

Our goal is to help our kids to become better students, community members and overall citizens.

Our mission of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”