Adult  Volunteers

23-24 ADULT Volunteer INFO SHEET

This club is unique because it is free for the designated students to participate in and it is staffed 100% by volunteers. The benefits of the Rising Stars Homework Club are for both the children and the volunteers; many of our student volunteers want to enter the field of education and many of our adults find value in helping children because they are the future of our community.  Rising Stars is an important extension of the school day and is open Mondays through Thursdays during the school year. Students are selected after they receive a referral - from a family member, a neighbor, or a teacher.  Enrollment is limited and our long-term goal is to help as many children as much as we can. Students have made improvements in fine motor skills like handwriting, better reading fluency, comprehension, and willingness to participate in classroom activities in a productive way because of the wonderful volunteers we have had! An Application can be found to the left of the page and clearances must be completed for anyone over 18. Under the Police Criminal Check you can fill out the "New Volunteer Check" and Child Abuse is "New Individual". Both are free of charge.